Color Correction in Photoshop CC 2015

Color Correction in Photoshop,

Color Correction in Photoshop. How to do color correction of images in Color Correction in Photoshop?

Color Correction in Photoshop, Many times it happens that some clients provide us photo providers, whose colors are not very good. Whatever images we click, whether it is clicked from mobile or DSLR, their quality depends on their colors, lights and highlights.

Means where that image is clicked, if a photo is clicked in the sun, the intensity of the color will be very high and if the same photo is clicked in the night then the color looks a bit dull. So the job of Graphic Designer is that whatever photo or image client provides to us, when we do it in design, we have to make them creative so that our design is very attractive.

Whatever changer we do in image colors, we will do in Color Correction in Photoshop. For Color Correction in Photoshop, we have previously opened Photoshop in our system. If you do not have Photoshop software, you can download, install and install Adobe Photoshop from here by clicking on this link. In this post you will also find details of how to download and install Photoshop.

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I am using Photoshop CC 2015 for Color Correction in Photoshop. I have opened Photoshop in my system. Now I open that image or photo in Adobe Photoshop that I want to do Color Correction. To open the image, I clicked Open from the File Menu and opened the photo from there.
Any image that we see is made from some gray scale combination called channels. We can open the channel panel in the window. After the channel panel opens, the show will be like image 1: –

Color Correction in Photoshop
Color Correction in Photoshop
Image 1

Color Correction in Photoshop, There are three Channels here, Red, Green and Blue. This means red color is present in such an amount in this image, similarly green color is present in the same amount in the image and blue is also there.

These three are primary colors and all colors are created by joining primary colors. When we mix green in red, we have a yellow color show. If we mix Blue in Green, Cyan color is seen and when Blue is mixed in Red, we get Magenta color. So in the same way all other colors are formed by mixing primary colors and when these three RGB colors overlap each other, then we see white color.

So this is what is happening here, these three RGB colors are possible to show this image. These three gray-scale images are made from different levels of luminance. Luminance is the intensity of light. When the luminance is zero, we see the image completely black, but as the luminance increases, the image becomes light.

Color Correction in Photoshop, Luminance or light intensity works like this from 0 to 255. When Luminance increases, we consider Shadow, Mid tone and Highlight. So these three RGB channels have different values ​​of luminance.

Now we open the color panel and take the eyedropper tool, if we click on the image somewhere, supoose I have clicked on the darkest pixels in the image with the eyedropper tool. So the color we select now will be that color which will be that dark color.

In Photoshop we also have some automatic functions of color correction available. For example, if we go to the Image menu and click on Auto contrast, it will darken the dark pixel in our image and light the light pixels which are more.

Color Correction in Photoshop

Color Correction in Photoshop

Now we will select the darkest pixel of the image again from the eyedropper in the color panel, then we will see that our dark color is selected according to the earlier and dark color. In this way Auto contrast makes the dark color of our image more dark and light color more light. Our image looks a little dark after Auto contrast. Color Correction in Photoshop,Shadows that are in the image have darkened after Auto contrast. The colors have become a bit brighter. Depth has also come in the image after Auto contrast.

In Adobe Photoshop, apart from Auto contrast, there are three Auto functions of Auto Color and Auto tone. These three Auto functions depend on the need of the image. Use the image in which you see a good output. If you do not like the output, try a different color by pressing Ctrl + Z. The more we use different vibration on the image, the better output we get.

There are many other options in Color Correction in Photoshop that you use to make color correction. For this, we go to the Image Menu and click on Adjustment, then there are options to make a lot of changes in which there is an option of Brightness and Contrast. It helps to balance Brightness and Contrast in the image. The color balance option is also included within the adjustment.

Color Correction in Photoshop

Color Correction in Photoshop

When we open Color Balance, there we find some combination of cyan, magenta, yellow and black in the Color Balance dialog box. Here there is Tone Balance. From that you can manage Tone of Shadow if you want. You can also change the mid-tone from here. In the same way, you can also change highlights.

So we can do all these things to design the image more well. Suppose you have a photo and you have to give some background on that photo. The photo you clicked in some other light and the background is clicked in another light.

Now these two are never automatic matches, then you can use this color balance option to match them. Your image will merge with that background. You can use this color balance for that. Level adjustment is also available in the adjustment itself. From here you can manage the level of the image, so that our image is more well defined. In Labels we can also design all three RGBs separately.

After that comes the option of Exposure. Offset in it. Color Correction in Photoshop, The effect of Hue Saturation is also found in the adjustment. If you want to make the image completely colorful, from here you can make changes, the image will look completely colorful. If you want to remove the Saturation, then the color of the image fades completely and if you increase the Saturation then the intensity of the color is applied there in the same amount.

According to the need, we can give a better look at the image by using this Adjustment option on the images. Now we can see both images in Image 2: –

Color Correction in Photoshop
Color Correction in Photoshop
The image on the left side is our earlier image that I had opened in Photoshop to do color correction and the image on the right side is showing us after color correction. We can give even better output. In Color Correction in Photoshop you can see using all the effects, in which you get a best output.

While doing Color Correction in Photoshop, you must keep in mind that one image or photo you make of Color Correction should be made by making a copy of it, do not do any work on the original image. If you do not copy, then your original image will be permanently changed, because whatever effect we apply to color correction and save, then all those effects are saved in our original image.

Now, whatever color you have edited or what you have edited in the image, whether all the colors are proper or not are visible or not. Technically, if you want to see, you will go into the window and Histogram a function, click on it.

Color Correction in Photoshop

Color Correction in Photoshop,

Histogram provides us the quantity of color which color is present in the image in which quantity. If we want to change something from there in the image, for this we can change Brightness and Contrast in it by going to Image Menu and going to Adjustment.

When we change in Brightness and Contrast, we will also have a change show in Histogram. Histogram is showing us Shadows, Mid tone, Highlights. Of the image.

In Photoshop we can edit images in different ways, if you want, you can also remove things from here, and you can also edit them. With the help of filters, we can provide many effects to images here.

For example, I select the gray area of the image by taking the Quick Selection tool. Now add a new layer and I have added a layer mask on the layer. After layer masking, when I double click on Thumbnail with layer mask, the image of gray area we selected will be white show, the rest part will be black show. Can change a little bit in it. Like Radius increased, provided some feather and made it OK.

Now I want to add an effect to it, so for this I have created a new layer, selection is already made, now to add an effect to it, I go to the Filter Menu and go to Render and click on cloud. Now some colors have been added to our image.

Color Correction in Photoshop

Color Correction in Photoshop,

We have to set the color in them, so for this, we go to Adjustment in the Image Menu and open the Color Balance and match the color according to the image. To reduce saturation, we opened the effect of Hue Saturation and from there we will set the color of the Saturation image accordingly.

Now if you want to blur some things in the image, we can use the Blur tool and run the Blur tool from where you want to blur the image, your image will be blurred from there – where you used the Blur tool. Have done In this way you can do basic color correction in Photoshop.

In this way we can edit images in Photoshop in many ways. This is how we do Color Correction in Photoshop.



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