Create a form in html

Create a Form in HTML

Create a form in html In the Form element, Input element is the basic way to get in put from the user in a variety of situations. The INPUT tag is very versatile and can be used to create many kinds of user interface features.

Create a form in html given below is an INPUT checkbox example, which may be used to ask the user to fill in any number of responses. You can use this HTML code to check the names of the people listed whom you have heard about or known personally:

Create a form in html

<INPUT Type=”checkbox” Name=”knows-Mohan”>Mohan Singh
<INPUT Type=”checkbox” Name=”knows-Lila”>Lila Shah
<INPUT Type=”checkbox” Name=”knows-Lal”>Lal Pati

Create a form in html given below is an INPUT radio button example used to ask the user to fill in one and only one selection from a series of responses:
<INPUT Type=”radio” Name=”user-gender” Value=”M”> Male
<INPUT Type=”radio” Name=”user-gender” Value=”F”> Female

The input element has the following attributes:-

Used only with the image type.Possible values are top, middle and bottom and the define the relationship of the image to the text following it.

Create a form in html  CHECKED (no value needed) specifies that this check box or radio button is checked by default. This is only appropriate for check boxes or radio buttons.

MAXLENGTH is the maximum number of characters that are accepted as input.

Specifies a symbolic name used in transferring and identifying the output from this element of the form.

Create a Form in HTML

Create a form in html Multi line text entry fields can be a specified as:

For Example,
SIZE =60,12

Defines the source file for the image when the attribute Type is set to image.

A single line text entry area (the TEXTAREA element is used for multiline text input). If the only element in the form has attribute text, the user can submit the form by pressing Enter key on the keyboard.

Defines what kind of input field is presented to the user.Possible values are as follows:

a. Check box
It is a single toggle button i.e on or off.

b. Hidden
Specifies value set by the form without input from the user.

c. Image
Submits the form. After the user clicks the image, the form is submitted and the x and y coordinates of the location and transmitted with the name/value pairs.

d. Password
A field in which the user enters text, Create a form in html  but the entered characters are represented as asterisks.

e. Radio
Collects information where there is one and only one possible value from a set of alternatives.

f. Reset
Resets the form to its default values.

g. Submit
A push button that causes the current form to be submitted into a query URL and sent to be a remote server.

h. Text
Used for a single line of text. This uses the size and maxlength attributes. For multiple lines, use TEXTAREA. This is default.

i. Value
Create a Form in HTML For a check box or a radio button, VALUE is specifies the value of the button when it is checked (unchecked checkboxes are disregarded when submitting queries). The default value for a check box radio button is “on”.

Create a form in html 

Create a Form in HTML

<H1 align= “center”> EXECUTIVE FORM </H1>
<P><strong> Name: </strong>
<input TYPE=”TEXT” NAME=”theName”> </P>
<P><strong> Father’s/Husband Name: </strong>
<input Type=”TEXT”</P>
<P> <strong> E-Mail id: </strong>
<input Type=”TEXT”</P>
<P> <strong> Sex </strong>
<input checked Type=”radio” Name=”thesex”
<input Type=”radio” Name=”thesex”
<P> <strong> Educational Qualification: </strong>
<select name=”select menu”>
<OPTION>12 from C.B.S.E
<OPTION>10 from C.B.S.E
<P> <strong> Which type of job you want: </strong>
<INPUT TYPE=”checkbox” Name=”per”>Permanent
<INPUT TYPE=”checkbox” Name=”adhoc”>Adhoc
<p> <input Type=”SUBMIT” Value=”Submit”>
<input Type=”RESET” VALUE=”Clear Form”></p>



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