HTML Forms and its uses


HTML forms is part of a web page which you create using HTML elements. It includes a Form element that has a special control such as buttons, text fields, check boxes, submit buttons and menus.

HTML Forms are such HTML tools which allow readers to communicate with one another via the Web. It is a collections of markup tags that work with Web servers to provide a means of obtaining whatever information we need from visitors to our Website.

Forms are used to activate responses from users through a graphical user interface consisting of the following:
a. Fill in blanks
b. Buttons
c. Check Boxes etc.

After the user fills in HTML forms values, the entries can be used for processing by a script or executable program (a gateway program).

This gateway program then can access databases, other software, or any other program or data that the implementer designates. Based on the results, an HTML document can be displayed in the user’s browser showing the results of the gateway program execution. A form consists of HTML elements.

HTML Forms

Uses of  HTML forms
Following are the uses for forms on the Web.
a. Comments response.
b. Placing orders using order entry forms
c. Subscription
d. Registration online.
e. Setting the customize Site.
These uses are further explained.

Components response :-
A component response is generally used in a way to collect components from Website viewers and have people to suggest improvements.

Placing orders using order entry forms :-
Order entry forms, which are now common on the Web, provide a way for viewers to order goods from online stores. Order entry forms typically require the user to provide an address, credit card number, and other information necessary to facilitate online Commerce.

Such forms are often used to access data base hosted information namely looking up information in a catalog. Many e-commerce site rely on forms and databases to provide order entry services.

Many sites, particularly those that attempt to generate revenue through direct subscription or by selling advertising space, are adopting a subscriber model using subscription HTML forms.

HTML Forms

Registration online:-
Registration forms are used to collect information about a user and often are tied to an authentication system, which limits access to the site.

Setting the customers side:-
Some sites allow the user to select the look and feel for the site itself, creating a custom site for each visitor. A customization form allows user to specify what topics they are interested in within an online magazine.

When tied to an authentication system, a user accessing the site views a version set according to his or her tastes.



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